Stock Number:  4092

Country of Origin: Nepal

Stock Size: 8'0" x 10'0" (other sizes may be available in stock)

Made in Nepal of Himalayan sheep’s wool and Chinese silk Tibetan knotted to a cotton foundation, ‘Soho’ from the ever creative mind of Wool and Silk‘s Erbil Tezcan is an archetypical carpet of the natural progression of pixel-by-pixel, knot-by-knot carpet design that had until late dominated the vanguard of carpet design. The artist has pushed abstract to its limits inundating the floor with an exuberant palette of colours akin to a mélange of the artistic works of Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollack. Devoid of obvious patterning, the carpet is nondescript save for perhaps a resemblance to end-of-the-broadcast-day television static of a bygone era or perhaps a heavily distressed well patinated painted wall. This genre of carpet design allows for an embrace of colour without the burdensome requirements of a previously defined historic carpet style; appealing such as it does to those who find beauty in chaos – structured, predetermined, and defined as it may be. - (the ruggist)


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