we know you care. we do too.

At Serpai Rug Gallery, we proudly source our high quality, hand-made rugs from various parts of the globe. By doing so, we support local communities around the world, contributing to their economies, and perpetuating their unique heritages. It is our pleasure to introduce our customers to the beautiful craftsmanship from countries such as Nepal, India and Morocco, allowing these communities to share a little bit of themselves with all of you. 

We strive to ensure our rugs are sourced in ethical and environmentally sustainable ways, and that our weavers are fairly compensated and provided with education, healthcare, and housing.



Serapi Rug Gallery is a proud partner of GoodWeave™. Together, we are helping to ensure rugs are made by adult artisans, not by children.

GoodWeave™ is ending child labor and offering educational opportunities to children in carpet weaving communities around the world.

When you purchase a rug with the GoodWeave™ certification label, you can be assured:

  • No children were involved in the manufacturing of your rug;
  • The loom or factory where your rug was made has been inspected GoodWeave™ representatives;
  • You are helping to support educational programs for former child labourers;
  • You can love your rug for more than just its beauty. 


Learn more at GoodWeave.org.