A walk down memory lane.

Me in my uncles’ store in Naples, Florida (1990)

Recently, as I was walking through our gallery and reflecting on the past, I realized that even after so many years, fine quality handmade rugs have not seized to amaze me. Their genuine beauty and ability to transform the spaces we live in is what made me fall in love with them so many years ago.

In my early teenage years while visiting my uncles’ stores during summers & Christmas breaks, I spent hours a day looking at a variety of different rugs, eagerly learning how they were made, where they came from and the stories each held between their warps and wefts.   The more I learned,  the more appreciation I had for their quality and inherent beauty.  For me, these fine carpets had a soul with a story to tell!

I’m grateful to see that in today’s capitalistic world,  talented artisans are still making these carpets, though on a smaller scale. Mainly due to globalization, we have seen a rapid decline in the number of skilled weavers.  However,  there are still some magnificent rugs being made with new innovations introduced in our industry.  These marvelous rugs have a graceful energy which radiates through their designs and colors, revealing the countless hours spent on creating these magnificent works of art.

Me pumping cheap gas, driving from the store in Tampa to one in Highlands, NC (1992)

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