Stock Number: 3071

Country of Origin: Nepal

Quality: Hand-knotted of premium quality Tibetan wool and pure silk

Stock Sizes: 8'2" x 9'8" (can be ordered in other sizes)

Construction: Hand-knotted

Pile content: Wool & silk

A glimpse into Andreas Reimann’s atelier: the artist soaks his environment up like a sponge, reconstituting and reinterpreting it. Popular culture in every direction, advertising aesthetics, alienation – Reimann remixes his raw material like a musician; he uses samples and places icons into a new context.

Andreas Reimann produces applied art. Although many works are actually works for the wall, he does not hesitate to create non-original works of art: his digital prints on glass are integrated into tabletops and serve as light fixtures or wall panelling.  Since its premiere presentation “CASH” – his first design – has been considered an international trendsetter for contemporary carpet designs.

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