8'x10' Lerici Pearl (Transitional)

8'x10' Lerici Pearl (Transitional)

3,100.00 8,400.00

Stock Number: 2929

Country of Origin: India

Stock Size: 7'11" x 9'11"

Construction: Hand-knotted

Pile content: 50% New Zealand wool & pure silk

Often used as a metaphor for something fine, beautiful, or possessing a powerful natural aura, a pearl is a highly prized study in perfection over time. The development of a single grain of sand into one of natures most adored fashion accessories is not lost on the creation of this carpet. Utilizing the beauty in raw New Zealand wool that has been processed by hand along with raw silk which adds luster, brilliance, and individual character. Artisans devote months to the creation of just a single rug.

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