Custom Carpets

custom-rugAt Serapi we can provide you with a custom rug tailored to your style and color. The custom process enables our customers to create, by hand a genuinely hand made rug that fits their individual needs. A 9×12 finely made hand crafted rug from Nepal will take as little as three months to be delivered to your house.


Choose from hundreds of existing patterns and motifs or bring us you idea so that we can help you translate it to a carpet.


Hundreds of colors are available to choose from or we can tweed colors together for added texture.

Knot Count

The knot count ranges from 40 to 120 knots per square inch. The higher knot count will result into the rugs being thinner, also allowing more details in design to be achieved.


We only use the highest quality wool from Tibet and New Zealand. Other materials used are pure silk, bamboo silk, viscose, hemp and linen.

Once the colors and design a small sample strike-off will be hand knotted and sent within two to four weeks for your approval.